Fiscal and Monetary Policy in the Euro Area

Thursday, 20 September 2012
National Bank of belgium

The EABCN is happy to announce the discussion forum: Fiscal and Monetary Policy in the Euro Area.

This EABCN Discussion Forum will consider a range of issues within the context of fiscal and monetary policy in the euro area, such as:

The guest speakers include:

  • Christopher Sims (Pinceton University), presentation
  • Jordi Gali (CREI and CEPR), presentation
  • Jean Pisani-Ferri (Brugel and Universite' Paris-Dauphine), presentation
  • Stephanie Riso (European Commission),

Albert Marcet, EABCN Scientific Chair, moderates the discussion.



- moving from rescue packages to a better steady state

- coordination of fiscal policy among euro area country members

- criteria for fiscal sustainability

- enlarging the role of the European Central Bank.