Training Schools

Business Cycle Measurement and Facts

13/09/2021 to 17/09/2021

James Morley, University of Sydney will teach an online course on "Business Cycle Measurement and Facts" at the EABCN Training School on Sept 13 - Sept 17, 2021

Beliefs and Social Networks

14/06/2021 to 25/06/2021
University of Mannheim (Online)

Professor Johannes Stroebel (NYU Stern School of Business) will teach an online training school on "Beliefs and Social Networks" with teaching segments on June 14-17th and practice session on June 25th.

More details will follow soon.

Modern Macro, Money, and International Finance

07/06/2021 to 23/06/2021

We are pleased to announce details of the latest EABCN Training School; “Modern Macro, Money, and International Finance”. Professor Markus Brunnermeier will teach the course and Sebastian Merkel will give the TA sessions. This course will expose participants to modern continuous time modelling techniques at the intersection between macroeconomics, monetary economics and (international) finance. 

Recent Developments in Forecasting

01/06/2021 to 08/06/2021

The course introduces participants to a variety of advanced topics and recent developments in economic forecasting. Professors Graham Elliott and Allan Timmermann will teach the course. The course is co-organised with the Bank of Italy and will take place online.

The ZLB and Secular Stagnation

24/05/2021 to 28/05/2021

Professor Gauti Eggertson (Brown University) will teach an online training school on "The ZLB and Secular Stagnation" on May 24-28th.

Continuous-time Methods in Macroeconomics (with applications to heterogeneous agent models)

30/09/2020 to 02/10/2020
Zoom Meeting

Jesús Fernández-Villaverde (University of Pennsylvania) and Galo Nuño (Bank of Spain) will be the instructors of this course which will introduce the main tools, as well as recent advances, in continuous-time methods in macroeconomics, with a focus on their application to Heterogeneous Agent models.

Fiscal Policy: Estimating Causal Evidence and Positive Theory

04/05/2020 to 05/05/2020
Online Course

We are pleased to announce details of the latest EABCN Training School; a two-day course entitled “Fiscal Policy: Estimating Causal Evidence and Positive Theory”. Professor Morten Ravn will teach the course. It is primarily aimed at participants in the Euro Area Business Cycle Network but applications will also be considered from doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers and economists working in central banks and government institutions outside of the network, as well as commercial organisations (fees are applicable for non-network non-academic organisations).

Note that due the global COVID-19 outbreak this course will be held online.

Solution Methods for Discrete Time Heterogeneous Agent Models and Markov Switching Linear Models

16/09/2019 to 18/09/2019
Bank of England (London)

Wouter den Haan (London School of Economics) and Pontus Rendahl (University of Cambridge) will be the instructors of the course that will discuss computational methods for macro analysis. 

Inference in Macro: From Big Data to Structural Analysis

05/06/2019 to 07/06/2019
Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona

Domenico Giannone (Fed NY) and Giorgio Primiceri (Northwestern) will be the instructors of a course that covers methods designed to deal with prediction with “big data” in macroeconomics, and to conduct structural analysis. 

Term Structure Modelling

27/08/2018 to 29/08/2018
Bank of Finland, Helsinki

Professors Kenneth Singleton and Anh Le will cover select topics on the modelling of the term structure of interest rates, including reduced-form affine term structure models and equilibrium models of the interest rates in which agents are endowed with specific preferences.