National Bank of Ukraine

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The aim of research activities at the National Bank of Ukraine is to provide theoretical and analytical background for taking economically sound policy decision and to improve central bank’s capacity to maintain price and financial stability.

Research priorities of the National Bank of Ukraine include:

  • monetary policy (implementing the inflation targeting regime),
  • financial stability (micro- and macroprudential regulation policy),
  • macroeconomic modelling and forecasting (developing structural and econometric models).

NBU’s economists and visiting researchers publish their academic research in the NBU Working Papers and in the Visnyk of the National Bank of Ukraine, a peer-reviewed journal.

Research papers:

  • Faryna O., Talavera O., Yukhymenko T. (2018). What Drives the Difference between Online and Official Price Indexes? Visnyk of the National Bank of Ukraine, No. 243, pp. 21-32. (link)
  • Faryna O., Simola H. (2018). The Transmission of International Shocks to CIS Economies: A Global VAR Approach. (link)
  • Grui A., Lepushynskyi V., Nikolaychuk S. (2018). A Neutral Real Interest Rate in the Case of a Small Open Economy: Application to Ukraine. Visnyk of the National Bank of Ukraine, No. 243, pp. 4-20. (link)
  • Vdovychenko A. (2018). How Does Fiscal Policy Affect GDP and Inflation in Ukraine? Visnyk of the National Bank of Ukraine, No. 244, pp. 25-43. (link)
  • Pham T., Talavera O., Tsapin A. (2018). Branch Network Structure and Lending Behavior. (link)

Research events:

The National Bank of Ukraine carries out a series of public research events to promote communication between policy-makers and academia. For further information on events, please use the following links:

Cooperation programs:

The National bank of Ukraine is open to cooperation and offers the Internship Program in the Research Unit and the Visiting Scholar Program for domestic and external collaboration in research.