Alvaro Angeriz

Lecturer, School of Business and Management Queen Mary University of London

Current academic appointments

Lecturer in Economics, Queen Mary College, London, School of Business and Management. (May 2008+)

Research Associate, Cambridge Centre of Economic and Public Policy, University of Cambridge (March 2005-April 2008). Tasks: responsible for contributing to all stages of research on applied macroeconomics, involving: production of research outcomes in the form of academic articles and research proposals for funding. Also, dissemination of results (seminars and conferences).

Teaching Fellow at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge (Oct. 2005+). I deliver courses in Basic and Advanced Applied Quantitative Research Methods for undergraduates and post-graduates. Tasks: design and delivery of lectures and laboratory sessions.

Senior Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge (March 2006+). Tasks: to support post-graduate students’ research.

Academic qualifications

PhD in Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain (2004)
Title: Human Capital and Income Functions in Uruguay: An Empirical Approach.

MPhil in Applied Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain (1998)
Distinction received in 10 out of 12 papers, including those in Applied Econometrics (I and II), Applied Macroeconometrics, Applied Public Economics, Public Economics (I and II), and in the Master’s Dissertation.

First degree in Economics, Faculty of Economics, Universidad de la República, Uruguay (1994)

Attended various first-class post-doctoral courses in Econometrics on a broad range of issues (University of Minho-Portugal, University College London, University of Cambridge, CEMFI-Madrid, University of Lecce-Italy).

Additional experience

Civil Servant (Assistant Economist). ‘Pensim2 – A Microsimulation model for pensions in Britain’, Department for Work and Pensions, London (2004/5).

Research Assistant (various projects: University of Cambridge, University of Wales-Swansea, Bristol University, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) (part-time, 1999/2003).

Teaching Assistant (Agriculture Economics), Faculty of Economics, Uruguay (part-time 1993/95).

Consultant and lecturer (Uruguayan Unique Trade Unions Federation) (part-time, 1993/95).
I represented, advised and lectured on macroeconomic policy and wage negotiation. Tasks also included presentations in seminars and congresses, directed to trade union members.

Team leader of the project: Proposals for an Alternative Manifesto, FESUR (Part-time 1991/92). I coordinated contributions into a manifesto for a broad political alliance currently in power.


Journal articles

“Assessing Inflation Targeting Though Intervention Analysis”, Oxford Economic Papers, forthcoming, with P. Arestis.

“Some New Estimates of Returns to Scale for EU Regional Manufacturing, 1986-2002”, International Review of Regional Science, forthcoming, with J. McCombie and M. Roberts.

“Monetary Policy in the UK”, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 2007, Vol. 31 pp 863-884, with P. Arestis.

“Changing patterns of UK poverty, 1997-2004”, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 2007, Vol. 31, pp. 995-1006, with S. Chakravarty.

“Assessing the performance of Inflation Targeting Lite Countries”. World Economy, 2007, Vol.30, 11, pp. 1621-1632, with P. Arestis.

“Macroeconomic performance of the European Regions”, The Manchester School of Economics, 2006, Vol. 74, 4, pp. 520-525, with J. McCombie and M. Roberts.

“Inflation targeting. An empirical Approach”, Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, 2006, Vol. 18, 4, pp. 559-571, with P. Arestis.

Chapters in edited volumes

“A Non-parametric Analysis of Productivity, Efficiency and Technical Change in EU Regional Manufacturing, 1986-2002”. In Fingleton, B. (ed.), New Directions in Economic Geography, (2007),Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, with M. Roberts and J. McCombie.

“Inflation Targeting, Assessing the evidence”, in McCombie, J. and Rodriguez, C. (eds.), Issues in Finance and Monetary Economics, (2007). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan; with P. Arestis.

“Assessing the Empirical Evidence on Inflation Targeting and Possible Lessons for Brazil”, in P. Arestis and A. Saad-Filho (eds.), Political Economy of Brazil: Recent Economic Performance, (2007), with P. Arestis and T. Chakravarty.

Work in progress

“Measuring the Performance of Britain’s Privatised Train Operating Companies”. Invited to re-submit for publication at Oxford Economic Papers, with L. Affuso and M. Pollitt.

“An Empirical Investigation of Inflation Targeting in Emerging Economies”. Cambridge Centre of Economic and Public Policy-Dept of Land Economy. University of Cambridge, Invited to re-submit for publication at Journal of Development Economics, with P. Arestis.

“Does IT Reduce Inflation Persistence?” Cambridge Centre of Economic and Public Policy-Dept of Land Economy. University of Cambridge, Submitted for publication, with P. Arestis.

“Changing patterns in poverty in Wales, Scotland and England”. Working Paper. Dept of Economics, University of Swansea-Wales. Presented in the Royal Economic Society, 2004, with J. Treble.

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