Antti Ripatti

Professor, University of Helsinki

Professor of Empirical Macroeconomics at the University of Helsinki, HECER, since 2010-
Visiting scholar at the Bank of Finland, 2012-

Research Advisor at the Bank of Finland, 1992-2010

PhD, University of Helsinki, "Demand for money in inflation targeting monetary policy", 1998

Refereed publications:

Jukka Jalava, Matti Pohjola, Antti Ripatti and Jouko Vilmunen (2005): Biased Technical Change and Capital-labour Substitution in Finland, 1902-2003, Topics in Macroeconomics: Vol. 6: No. 1, Article 8.
Antti Ripatti ja Pentti Saikkonen (2001): "Vector Autoregressive Processes with Nonlinear Time Trends in Cointegrating Relations", Macroeconomic Dynamics, 5, 4 pp. 577-597.
Antti Ripatti ja Pentti Saikkonen (2000): "On the Estimation of Euler Equations in the Case of a PotentialRegime Shift", The Manchester School, 68, S1, pp. 92 - 121. Earlier version presented in Plenary Session of 10th (EC)^2 conference on Financial Economet

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