Bledar Hoda

Economist at Central Bank of Albania, Central Bank of Albania

Mr. Hoda holds a PhD (Pass with No corrections) in Economics from Durham University, UK since 2017 and an MSc from the same University in 2012 (with Merit). He is currently working in the research Department of the Central Bank of Albania. He currently has two papers published by the Bank of Albania, on Exhcange Rate in Develoiping Countries and ''Trade models and Exchange Rate: The Marshal-Lerner Conditions in Developing Economies with unbalanced trade Deficits'', as well as few unpublished works at the Central Bank of albania. His PhD thesis "MacroEconomic Fluctuations and Financial Frictions" at Durham University looks at the relative significance of financial frictions due to borrower and lender financial health in a general equilibrium model.

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