Elga Bartsch

European Chief Economist, Morgan Stanley

Elga is Morgan Stanley's European Chief Economist. The main focus of her research is the euro area, notably monetary policy of the European Central Bank. Since 2009 Elga is also a member of the ECB Shadow Council. Since she joined Morgan Stanley in 1997, she has covered core European countries, primarily Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, but Elga is also responsible for the Firm’s Swedish forecasts. Recently, Elga has spearheaded a global research effort on the economics of climate change. From 1992, she worked at the Kiel Institute of World Economics, a large German economic think-tank. At the Kiel Institute, Elga worked as a research associate in the President's Office and was responsible for managing The Advanced Studies in International Economic Policy Research, a post-graduate programme in international macroeconomics. Having studied at the University of Hannover and the London School of Economics, Elga received a degree in Economics from Kiel University where she graduated top of her class. Subsequently, she completed a Ph.D. in Economics at the Kiel Institute. Her dissertation deals with Liability for Environmental Damages: Incentives for Precaution and Risk Allocation.

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