Emilio Zanetti Chini

Assistant Professor, Sapienza University of Rome

After a BA and MSc in Economics in University of Rome "Tor Vergata", I got a PhD in International Economics in the same university in February 2014 (Commitee: prof. Tommaso Proietti, Prof. Alessandra Luati and Dr. Gianna Boero).
I am an econometrician specialized in Time Series Analysis and its application in Macroeconomics and Finance. In particular, my focus in Nonlinear Modelling, estimation and forecasting theory and methods. Actually, my applied fields are Business Cycle, Empirical Finance and Environmental Economics. I have also strong interests in Statistics and Decision Theory.
Since 2014 to 2018 I was post-doctoral Researcher at University of Pavia. Since 2019 I am Assistant Professor in Econometrics at Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Economics and Law.

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