iulia igescu

principal economist, National Bank of Romania

Principal Economist in the Modeling and Forecasting Division of the National Bank of Romania.
Graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a PhD thesis on the role of institutions in economic growth.
Previous stints with IHS Markit in Frankfurt, Ministry of Presidential Affairs in Abu Dhabi, Bank J. Safra Sarasin in Zurich.
Interested in economic growth, mainly in Great Depressions and in changes in the equilibrium properties of an economy under the influence of shocks.
Worked in developing big Keynesians models for scenario analysis purposes. Developed interfaces to allow for user friendly access to big models and keep track of all scenario components.
Currently working on applying macroeconometrics to learn from data as early as possible when an equilibrium, therefore the dynamic properties of a time series, should change. That in turn can benefit monitoring instruments of central banks used in stabilizing an economic system.

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