Miroslav Kľúčik

Analyst, Council for Budget Responsibility

Miroslav Klucik, Council for Budget Responsibility, Imricha Karvaša 1, 813 25 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: +421 2 5787 4956
Mail: [email protected]

since December 2012 –
Council for Budget Responsibility (CBR)
June 2006 – November 2012
Officer for economic research - Macroeconomic modelling of Slovak economy, Analyses and compilations of time series of macroeconomic and branch indicators by using mathematical and statistical methods and models, Forecasts of macroeconomic development of the Slovak economy

October 2005-May 2006
Work in the United Kingdom (work in several sectors)

January 2005-February 2005
Officer - Real estate tax database administration
Obecny urad Pila, district Pezinok

June 2003-September 2003
Work in the United States of America (work in several sectors)

Higher education:
since September 2011
external PhD student of VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics, Czech Republic (business cycle of small open economies)

University education - second level
University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of National Economy, Departmen of Public administration and regional development

Kľúčik M., Juriová J.: Slowdown or Recession? Forecasts Based on Composite Leading Indicator. Central European Journal of Economic Modelling and Econometrics (CEJEME). Volume 2, Issue 1/2010. Polish Academy of Sciences – Lodz Branch, Lodz, 2010. ISSN online-2080-119X, ISSN-2080–0886, (p. 17 – 36).
Haluska J., Olexa M., Juriova J., Klucik M.: Model Mechanism for Flash Estimates of Macroeconomic Indicators for the Slovak Economy (online Slovak version), Infostat, December 2008
Klucik M., Haluska J.: Construction of Composite Leading Indicator for the Slovak Economy, Scientific Annals of the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", University of Iasi, Romania, 2008 (p. 363-370)
Haluska J., Klucik M.: Commodity Aspects of Trade Balance Deficit of the Slovak Republic between the Years 2004-2006, Biatec, National Bank of Slovakia, September 2007 (p. 19-23)
Conferences contributions:
Miroslav Kľúčik: VAR Model with Current-Optimal Leading Indicators, Mathematical Methods in Economics, Karvina, Czech Republic, September 2012
Miroslav Kľúčik: Investigation of the Visegrad–European Business Cycle, CIRET 2012, Vienna, September 2012
Miroslav Kľúčik: Search for Optimal Composite Indicator, EURO 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania, July 2012
Miroslav Kľúčik: Introducing New Tool for Official statistics: Genetic Programming, Eurostat international conference: NTTS 2011 – New Techniques and Technologies in Statistics, Brussels, Belgium, 22. – 24. February 2011
Ján Haluška, Jana Juriová, Miroslav Kľúčik, Michal Olexa: Country Report: Slovak Republic, Project LINK Meeting, New York, USA, 20. – 22. October 2010
Miroslav Kľúčik: Composite Reference Series and Composite Leading Indicator for SlovakiaIFO/INSEE and ISAE International Conference „The First Macroeconomic Forecasting Conference - MFC 2009“, Rome, Italy, 27. March 2009
Miroslav Kľúčik, Jana Juriová, Marian Kľúčik: Time Series Modeling with Genetic Programming Relative to ARIMA ModelsEUROSTAT and European Commission international conference: NTTS 2009 - New Techniques and Technologies in Statistics, Brussels, Belgium, 18. – 20. February 2009

Publicly funded research:
BLUE-ETS (2010-2012) – leader of work package, member of research team, FP7 research project of European Union
Eurostat Grant Projects (2008-2012) - member of research team
Model Framework for the Flash Estimates of the Basic Macroeconomic Indicators of the Slovak Economy, Slovak Research and Development Agency, 2008-2011
Language skills:
English, German fluent, Russian basics.

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