Narayan Kishor

Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Academic Appointments

 Associate Professor of Economics (with Tenure), Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Fall 2012-
 Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Fall 2007-Spring 2012.

 Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Texas Tech University, Fall 2005-Spring 2007

 University of Washington, Seattle, PhD in Economics, August 2005
 Delhi School of Economics, Delhi, India, MA in Economics, 2000
 University of Delhi, Delhi, India, BA Honors in Economics, 1998

Fields of Specialization
 Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Financial Economics
 Time Series Econometrics, Forecasting, Indian Economy

 A Note on Time-Variation in a Forward-Looking Monetary Policy Rule: Evidence from European Countries, forthcoming, Macroeconomic Dynamics.
 Bank Lending Channel in India: Evidence from Indian States (with Vipul Bhatt), forthcoming, Empirical Economics
 Modeling Inflation in India: The Role of Money, forthcoming, Singapore Economic Review.
 VAR Estimation and Forecasting When Data are Subject to Revision (with Evan F. Koenig), Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2012, 30(2), pp. 181-190.
 Business Cycle Synchronization in the Proposed East African Monetary Union: An Unobserved Component Approach (with John M. Ssozi), Review of Development Economics, 2011, 15(4), pp. 664-675.
 Data Revisions in India: Implications for Monetary Policy, Journal of Asian Economics, 2011, 22(2), pp. 164-173.
 Inflation Convergence and Currency Unions: The Case of the East African Community (with John Ssozi), Indian Growth and Development Review, 2010, 3(1), pp. 36-52.
 The Success of the Fed and the Death of Monetarism (with Levis A. Kochin), Economic Inquiry, 2007, 45(1), pp. 56-70.
 Does Consumption Respond More to Housing Wealth than to Financial Market Wealth? If So, Why? Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2007, 35(4), 427-448.

Revise and Resubmit
 Yield Spreads as Predictors of Economic Activity: A Real-Time VAR Analysis (with Evan F. Koenig), (Revision Resquested, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking).
 The Instability in the Monetary Policy Reaction Function and Estimation of Monetary Policy Shocks (with Monique Newiak), (Revision Resubmitted, Contemporary Economic Policy).
 Consumption-Wealth Ratio and Expected Housing Return (with Swati Kumari), (Revision Requested, Journal of Real Estate Research)
 Are Shocks to Food and Energy Prices Transitory? Evidence from Indian Economy (with Vipul Bhatt) ), (Revision Requested, Journal of Policy Modeling)
 The Time-Varying Response of Foreign Stock Markets to U.S. Monetary Policy Surprises: Evidence from the Federal Funds Futures Market (with Hardik Marfatia) Revision Requested, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money)

Other Publication (Peer Reviewed)
 The Superiority of Greenbook Forecasts and the Role of Recessions, National Bank of Poland Working Paper
Working Papers
 Consumption and Expected Asset Returns: An Unobserved Component Approach (with Swati Kumari) Under Review.
 Do Fluctuations in the Consumption-Wealth Ratio Predict Aggregate Stock Returns in Real-Time?
 What Moves the Price-Rent Ratio? A Latent Variable Approach (with James Morley).
 A Time-Varying Parameter Model for a Forward-Looking Monetary Policy Rule Based on a Real-Time Data (with Chang-Jin Kim and Charles R. Nelson).
 Testing Fiscal Sustainability using the Present-Value Model (with Antonio Galvao and Fabio Reis Gomes).
 Rude Awakenings: Contrasts between the European Sovereign Bond Market during the Interwar and Today (with Shilpa Jindal and Antu Murshid).

Research Experience
 Visiting Fellow, Delhi School of Economics, June-August 2007.
 Faculty, Wind Science and Engineering Research Center, Texas Tech University, Fall 2005-2007.
 Research Assistant to Prof. Charles R. Nelson, 2004.
 Intern at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, June - September 2003.
 Research Assistant at Delhi School of Economics, Delhi, India, 1999.

Teaching Experience
 Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Graduate Econometrics, Graduate Time-Series Econometrics, Graduate Macroeconomics, Seminar Course in Empirical Macroeconomics, Forecasting Methods, Intermediate Macroeconomics,
 Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University
Intermediate Macroeconomics, Graduate Macroeconomics
 Instructor at University of Washington
Introductory Econometrics, Graduate Mathematical Economics (Refresher Course), Intermediate Macroeconomics, Introductory Macroeconomics
 Teaching Assistant at University of Washington
Graduate Macroeconomics, Graduate Microeconomics, Introductory Microeconomics, Introductory Macroeconomics

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