Nikolaos Antonakakis

Senior Lecturer in Economics and Finance, University of Portsmouth

Dr. Antonakakis, born in 1982, is a Senior Lecturer at the Economics and Finance Subject Group at the University of Portsmouth since September 2012. In 2009 and until 2012, he was employed as a Lecturer and postdoctoral research fellow at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He also held a Lecturer position at the Johannes Kepler University between 2008 and 2011. His research interests include international finance, open macroeconomics, international economics and applied econometrics. In 2012, he was awarded twice the “Top-Journal-Article Award” by the Vienna University of Economics and Business and has been selected for inclusion in the “Research Excellence framework” (REF) in 2014. He earned his doctorate degree in economics in 2010 from Strathclyde University, department of economics. He has published widely in renowned international journals including: Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Economics Letters, Applied Economics Letters, International Finance, International Economic Journal, among others. Nikolaos has been invited to various conferences: i) as a private expert at the 6th EUROSTAT Colloquium on “Modern Tools for Business Cycle Analysis: The Lessons from Global Economic Crisis”, ii) participated in a round table (panel discussion) as the main discussant about the “Future of the Euro” at the University of Linz, and iii) has been invited as a “young econometrician” at the SIRE Econometrics Workshop on Advanced Econometric Modelling for Finance along with illustrious econometricians such as Hasem Pesaran, Paolo Zafaroni, Valentina Corradi and Rod McCrorie. Nikolaos has been a reviewer in various international academic peer-reviewed journals, such as the Journal of International Money and Finance, Re-view of International Economics, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, The World Econo-my, Economic Modelling, Applied Economics, Applied Financial Economics, Journal of Economic Studies, International Economic Journal, Health Economics and Empirica, and has been a member of the Editorial Board of Marmara Journal of European Studies since 2011.