Ted Temzelides

Professor of Economics, Rice University

Professor, Department of Economics, Rice University, 2008 – present
Baker Institute Rice Scholar, James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy,
Rice University, 2010 – present
Professor, Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh, 2008
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh, 2002 – 2007
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Henry B. Tippie College of Business, University
of Iowa, 1997 – 2002 (awarded tenure in 2002)
Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, 1995 – 1997
Other Appointments:
Visiting Professor, European University Institute, May-June 2012
Visiting Researcher, Banco de Portugal, June-July 2011
Visiting Professor, CES, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Munich, June – July 2009
Visiting Associate Professor of Finance, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2006
– 2007
Visiting Scholar, Department of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences, Kellogg School
of Management, Northwestern University, Fall 2000
Research Department Visitor, European Central Bank
October 2008, June 2007, June 2006, May – August 2005, June – August 2004
Research Department Visitor, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
June 1996, May – August 1995
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1995 (dissertation: “Essays in Banking, Competition, and Bank
Runs,” advisors: Edward Green, Andrew McLennan; thesis committee chair: Neil Wallace)
B.A. (Economics), University of Piraeus, Greece, 1988
Greek, some French and Italian
Grants and Awards:
Banco de Portugal Grant, 2011
National Science Foundation Grant (PI, Mechanism Design and Payments), 2005-08
Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow, University of Iowa, 2001
Old Gold Summer Fellowship, University of Iowa, 1998, 2000
Collegiate Teaching Award, Henry B. Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa, 1999
Henry B. Tippie College of Business Summer Fellowship, University of Iowa, 1999
Summer Research Grant, Henry B. Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa, 1998, 1999
Distinguished Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, University of Minnesota, 1995
Graduate Student Fellowship, Department of Economics, University of Minnesota, 1989
Recent and Published Papers by Field:
I. Energy and the Environment:
1. “A Model with Spillovers in the Adaptation of New renewable Technologies,” with
Bernardino Adao and Borghan Narajabad, Manuscript
2. “New Alignments? The Geopolitics of Gas and Oil Cartels and the New Middle East,”
with Songying Fang and Amy Jaffe, Baker Institute Working Paper
3. “Monetary Emissions Trading Mechanisms,” with Cyril Monnet, Manuscript
4. “Innovation, Renewable Energy, and Macroeconomic Growth,” with Peter Hartley,
Kenneth B. Medlock III, and Xinya Zhang, Baker Institute Working Paper
II. Financial Microstructure, Money, and Banking:
5. “Money Talks,” with Marie Hoerova and Cyril Monnet, Economics Letters, forthcoming
6. “Optimal Clearing Arrangements for Financial Trades,” with Thorsten Koeppl and Cyril
Monnet, Journal of Financial Economics 103 (2012)
7. “A Dynamic Model of Settlement,” with Thorsten Koeppl and Cyril Monnet, Journal of
Economic Theory 142 (1) (2008)
8. “Banking, Liquidity, and the Velocity of Money,” with Ricardo Cavalcanti and Andres
Erosa, International Economic Review, 46 (2) (2005)
9. “Lack-of-Recall and Centralized Monetary Trade,” with Jialin Yu. International
Economic Review, 45 (4) (2004)
10. “On the Local Interaction of Money and Credit,” with Yi Jin. Review of Economic
Dynamics, 7 (2004)
11. “Directed Matching and Monetary Exchange,” with Dean Corbae and Randall Wright.
Econometrica 71 (3) (2003)
12. “Matching and Money,” with Dean Corbae and Randall Wright. American Economic
Review Papers and Proceedings 92 (2) (2002)
13. “Discrete Time Dynamics in a Random Matching Monetary Model,” with Hector Lomeli.
Economic Theory 20 (2) (2002)
14. “Private Money, Settlement, and Discounts,” with Steve Williamson. Carnegie-
Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy 54 (2001)
15. “Payments Systems Design in Deterministic and Private Information Environments,”
with Steve Williamson. Journal of Economic Theory 99 (1/2) (2001)
16. “Private Money and Reserve Management in a Random Matching Model,” with Ricardo
Cavalcanti and Andres Erosa. Journal of Political Economy 107 (5) (1999)
17. “Sequential Equilibrium and Competition in a Diamond-Dybvig Model,” with
Bernardino Adao. Review of Economic Dynamics 1 (1998)
18. “Evolution, Coordination, and Banking Panics,” Journal of Monetary Economics 40
III. Applied Game Theory:
19. “Competitive Behavior in Market Games: Evidence and Theory,” with John Duffy and
Alexander Matros, Journal of Economic Theory 146 (4) (2011)
20. “Modeling the Experimental Process in the Social Sciences,” Journal of Mathematical
Economics 46 (4) (2010)
21. “Self-Organized Criticality in a Dynamic Entry Game,” with Andreas Blume and John
Duffy, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 34 (2010)
22. “Fashion Statement,” Review of Economic Dynamics 12 (4) (2009)
23. “A Model of Bureaucracy and Corruption,” with Shouyong Shi. International Economic
Review, 45 (3) (2004)
24. “On the Geography of Conventions,” with Andreas Blume. Economic Theory 22 (4)
IV. Other:
25. “Money Talks: Information and Monetary Policy,” with Marie Hoerova and Cyril
Monnet. Yale Economic Review (2010)
26. Review of “The Theory of Money and Financial Institutions,” Volumes I and II, by
Martin Shubik. Journal of Economic Literature XXXIX (4) (2001)
27. “Are Bank Runs Contagious?” Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Business Review
Professional Activities:
CESifo Research Network Fellow
Editorial Board (Associate Editor), Economic Theory (December 2005 - present)
Referee, American Economic Review, B.E. Journals in Macroeconomics, Econometrica,
Economic Journal, Economic Theory, The Energy Journal, European Economic Review, Games
and Economic Behavior, International Economic Review, International Journal of Game
Theory, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Economic Dynamics and
Control, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Money,
Credit, and Banking, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Public Economic Theory,
Macroeconomic Dynamics, Management Science, National Science Foundation, Review of
Economic Dynamics, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, Review of Economic Studies,
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Member, American Economic Association, Econometric Society, International Association for
Energy Economics, American Association of Energy Economics – Houston Chapter
Session Organizer, 10th SAET Conference (Faro, Portugal), June 27 - July 1, 2011
Session Organizer, 9th SAET Conference (Ischia, Italy), June 29 - July 5, 2009
Organizing Committee, 8th SAET Conference (Kos, Greece), June 25 - July 1, 2007

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