Monetary-Economist and DSGE Model specialist. Asst Professor at the , Monetary Economics Department

Dr. Thierry U. KAME BABILLA is a Monetary-Economist specialized in Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models(DSGE), and Low-income countries Currency Unions. He is a Fellow of the Global Labor Organization.

Dr. Babilla holds a PhD (2013) in Macroeconomics and Economic Modeling, a Master degree (2008) in International Economics, and a Master degree (2005) in Money-Banking-Finance, from University of Yaounde II. His Post-Doctoral Researches are based on the design of DSGE Models with new generation features, from OXFORD University, University of Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV, University Laval, and European University Institute.

Dr. Babilla has given a number of distinguished conferences around the world, including in Latin America (Bolivia, Brazil), North-America (USA, Canada), Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, India), Europe (United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy), Africa (Niger, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, South-Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Senegal, Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda).

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