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2004–2008 PhD in Macroeconomics, Cardiff University
Cardiff Business School Scholarship, Overseas Research Students Awards,
Julian Hodge Bank Scholarship
2003–2004 MSc. in Economics, Cardiff University (Top Student, Average Mark 81%, Distinction)
Julian Hodge Bank Scholarship
2000–2003 BSc. (Honours) Economics, Cardiff University (Top Student, Average Mark 80%, First Class Honours)
Gethyn Davies Prize (2003), G&P Ford Prize (2003), Sir Julian Hodge Prize (2002), Black Horse Prize (2001), PricewaterhouseCoopers Prize (2001)

2010 –

2010 –


2008–2010 Lecturer in Economics, Sheffield University
• Postgraduate Modern Theory of Banking and Finance
• Postgraduate Business Finance

Visiting Lecturer, Cardiff University
• Postgraduate International Trade
• PhD Dynamics and Dynamic Optimisation in Economics
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Summer Visiting Research Fellow at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo
• Interbank market and macroeconomic models
Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Cardiff University
• Testing dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models for the US and the EU
• Incorporating financial frictions into macroeconomic models
• Analysing trade theory
• Lectured second year undergraduate Money, Banking and Finance
2007– Research Associate, The Julian Hodge Institute of Applied Macroeconomics
• Provide quarterly analysis of the OECD for the Quarterly Economic Bulletin
2007– Research Associate, Liverpool Macroeconomics Research
• Provide analysis on contemporary macroeconomic issues
2003–2007 Teaching Assistant, Cardiff University
• Teaching Macroeconomics (Postgraduate, 3rd year Undergraduate), Macroeconomic Analysis (3rd year Undergraduate), International Trade (3rd year Undergraduate)

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