Bank of England

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The Bank of England aims to conduct leading-edge research and analysis at the intersection of monetary, macroprudential and microprudential policy.   

Outstanding research and analysis underpins everything we do – from policymaking, to the design of central bank operations and tools, to providing high-quality, secure bank notes. To produce the best research and analysis possible, the Bank relies on high quality data and advanced analytical tools, a sharp focus on staff recruitment and development, an environment that supports creative freedom, and extensive engagement with wider research communities. There is a coordinated One Bank Research Agenda, spanning all aspects of central banking and focussing in particular on the intersections between policy areas.

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Rethinking the Link Between Exchange Rates and Inflation: Misperceptions and New Approaches

Special Event
Bank of England

Professor Kristin Forbes (Monetary Policy Commitee, Bank of England) will talk about "Rethinking Current Account Vulnerabilities" and this will be discussed by Gianluca Benigno (LSE and CEPR), Giancarlo Corsetti (University of Cambridge and CEPR) and Frank Smets (ECB and CEPR). Bank of England will host the event.

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Judgement and Combination in Forecasting and Policy Models

19/04/2014 to 20/04/2014
Bank of England

Judgement and expert knowledge is widely thought to be important in the successful practice of forecasting. For policymakers, forecasts also embody judgements about the state of the economy, the transmission of shocks and optimal policy responses which necessitate the use of structural models. DSGE models estimated by Bayesian methods have become popular, partly because the models have become popular, partly because the models have well defined structural interpretations and because the Bayesian framework allows judgements about model properties to be embodied in priors. There is, however, uncertainty about both model parameters and the correct model. 
This conference aimed to bring together policymakers and academics interested in these issues.