The Euro Area Business Cycle Dating Committee is composed of five CEPR researchers. The chair of the Committee is named by the President of CEPR and the chair of the EABCN Scientific Committee, while remaining members are chosen by the President of CEPR, the chair of the Euro Area Business Cycle Dating Committee, and the chair and vice-chair of the EABCN Scientific Committee.

The Committee is currently composed of the following members, with overlapping terms:

  • Refet Gurkaynak, (Chair, 2023-) 2012- , Bilkent University and CEPR
  • Evi Pappa, (Vice-Chair, 2023-) 2019-, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and CEPR
  • Antonella Trigari, 2019-, Bocconi University and CEPR
  • John Fernald, 2019-, INSEAD, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and CEPR
  • Silvana Tenreyro, 2023-,  Bank of England, London School of Economics and CEPR 

The Committee’s research assistants are:

  • Senem Turan, 2023-, Bilkent University
  • Mahmut Ipek, 2023-, Bilkent University