About the Euro Area Business Cycles Dating Committee

The Euro Area Business Cycle Dating Committee (EABCDC) was founded in 2003 by CEPR under the initiative of Lucrezia Reichlin to establish the chronology of recessions and expansions of the eleven-original euro-area member countries plus Greece for 1970-1998, and of the entire euro area from 1999 onwards.

In 2019 it became a joint venture of CEPR and EABCN and its mandate was expanded to comment, in the spring and in the fall, on the current state of aggregate economic activity and to launch research initiatives destined to better monitor and understand aggregate economic developments in the euro area.

Dating activities and bi-annual statements on the state of euro area economic activity are conducted in total independence of EABCN. Research initiatives launched pursued by the Committee are subject to the approval and evaluation of the EABCN Scientific Committee.