EABCN Conference: New Challenges in Monetary Economics

The conference covers a broad range of themes around monetary and macro-finance topics. It will bring together recent contributions in this area of research, focusing on studies with a strong theoretical basis and on empirical papers. A non-exclusive list of examples of relevant topics includes:

  • Inflation shocks and their consequences
  • Supply-side disturbances and structural change
  • Monetary and fiscal interactions in the presence of high public debt levels
  • Monetary policy implication of the green transition
  • The role of firm, product and consumer heterogeneity
  • The role of expectations and communication

Fernando Alvarez (University of Chicago) and Yuriy Gorodnichenko (University of California, Berkeley and CEPR) are confirmed invited speakers, and we welcome further relevant submissions.
The conference is organised by Klaus Adam (University of Mannheim and CEPR).
The event is hosted by the University of Mannheim and sponsored by the EABCN and the Collaborative Research Centre TR 224 at the University of Mannheim. Funding is available for travel expenses for academic participants presenting or acting as discussants. Expenses will be reimbursed according to the standard CEPR travel guidelines. Costs will not be covered for central bank participants.

How to Apply

How to Apply

The deadline for submissions is 6 pm GMT on Monday February 5th, 2024.

Please state in your application if you are willing to present in a poster session, and whether you can cover your travel and accommodation expenses, or if you require funding.
Authors of successful submissions and accepted participants will be notified end of April 2024.
Authors who are CEPR affiliated or already have a CEPR profile can upload their submission by:

  1. Going to https://hub.cepr.org/ and logging in
  2. After you have logged in, go to https://hub.cepr.org/event/4165
  3. Click on "Step 1: Apply" OR If you have been pre-registered as you are connected to a relevant programme area click on "Change registration details"
  4. Under "Apply to Attend" click "Yes"
  5. Tick the boxes that apply to you 
  6. Tick "Would you like to submit a paper?", upload your paper and supply the requested information
  7. Click "Submit form" to complete the submission.

Authors who are not CEPR affiliated or do not have a CEPR profile can:

  1. Creating a new profile here https://hub.cepr.org/user/register
  2. Going to https://hub.cepr.org/ and logging in
  3. After you have logged in, go to https://hub.cepr.org/event/4165
  4. Click on "Step 1: Apply"
  5. Under "Apply to Attend" click "Yes"
  6. Tick the boxes that apply to you 
  7. Tick "Would you like to submit a paper?", upload your paper and supply the requested information
  8. Click "Submit form" to complete the submission.

If you have any difficulty in applying please contact, Mandy Chan, CEPR Head of Events at [email protected] for assistance, with the subject line ‘EABCN New challenges Mannheim Conference 2024’.