Annual BEAR Research Conference: New Digital Technologies and the Future Financial Landscape

Monday, 27 February 2023 to Tuesday, 28 February 2023
Bank of England
Bank of England

The Bank of England is organising a conference focusing on New Digital Technologies and the Future Financial Landscape, as part of driving forward the Bank of England Agenda for Research (BEAR). The aim of the conference is to promote policy-relevant research in this field, by bringing together researchers from academia, central banks, international institutions, and the financial industry. The conference will consist of a high-level policy panel, two keynote addresses, and a mix of academic and industry presentations. The scientific committee invites theoretical, empirical, and applied submissions in three broad areas: CBDC/cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance, and artificial intelligence/machine learning/big data. Preference will be given to submissions that are relevant to various aspects of macroeconomic policy, including monetary policy transmission, macroprudential policy, and financial stability.

November 13, 2022