Deutsche Bundesbank

The main purpose of research conducted by the Bundesbank is to develop and consolidate academic expertise in the fields of economics, banking and financial stability. This expertise is reflected in high-quality studies, which are published either as papers in leading specialist journals or as part of other analytical studies. Our research supports the Bundesbank's decision-making process and is a factor behind the central bank's excellent reputation in academic circles and at other policymaking institutions.

Research at the Bundesbank covers four main areas: 1) Monetary policy in a low inflation and low interest rate environment; 2) Heterogeneity in the Euro Area and beyond; 3) Financial stability policies in theory and practice; and 4) Financial intermediaries and the real economy. In addition to these broad research themes, a number of research projects are more methodological in nature. This methodological research seeks to provide intermediate input to the research in the four areas defined above, but also directly into the policy work in the Bundesbank.

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Practical DSGE Models

Training School
13/09/2017 to 15/09/2017
Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt

The 27th EABCN training school will be a three days course on 'Practical DSGE Models' taught by Professor Fabio Canova (BI Norwegian School of Management)Most DSGE model used by policy institutions are generally of large scale and little attention is generally paid to issues like model misspecification, model evaluation, model reduction and re-specification.

May 24, 2017