Central Bank of Ireland

Steering committee representative: 
Economic research at the Central Bank of Ireland is conducted on a decentralised basis across both the Economics and Financial Stability Directorates. Recent research has focused on various aspects of the financial crisis, its impact on Ireland and how policy can be improved in the future.

Latest research papers:

  • "The Portfolio Rebalancing Effects of the ECB Asset Purchase Programme", G. Bua and P.G. Dunne (pdf)
  • "The Great Irish (De)Levereging 2005-14", R. Lyndon and T. McIndoe-Calder (pdf)
  • "How Does Monetary Policy Pass-Through Affect Mortgage Default? Evidence from the Irish Mortgage Market", D. Byrne, R.Kelly and C. O’Toole (pdf)
  • "Countercyclical Capital Regulation in a Small Open Economy DSGE Model", M. Lozej, L.Onorante, and A. Rannenberg (pdf)

Upcoming events:

  • "The Macroeconomic Effects of Policy Announcements", October 2017