Czech National Bank

Steering committee representative: 


CNB Economic Research Bulletin:

  • No. 2, Vol. 14, November 2016, Financial Cycles and Macroprudential and Monetary Policies (pdf)

Latest research papers:

  • “Margins of Trade: Czech Firms Before, During and After the Crisis”, K. Galuščák, I. Sutóris, CNB WP 12/2016 (pdf)
  • “Nowcasting the Czech Trade Balance”, O. Babecká Kucharčuková, J. Brůha, CNB WP 11/2016 (pdf)
  • “Credit Constraints and Creditless Recoveries: An Unsteady State Approach”, A. Derviz, CNB WP 10/2016 (pdf)
  • “Effects of Fiscal Policy in the DSGE-VAR Framework: The Case of the Czech Republic”, J. Babecký, M. Franta, J. Ryšánek, CNB WP 9/2016 (pdf)


  • Czech National Bank’s Research Open Day,15 May 2017
  • International Journal of Central Banking Research Conference "The Interplay between Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy", 19-20 June 2017 (link