South African Reserve Bank

Steering committee representative: 

The Bank's research outputs are coordinated by the Research Department. The aim is to support economic policy formulation by providing accurate economic information and well-considered research and recommendations. The current research areas are :

  1. Potential growth and the neutral interest rate
  2. Macro policy coordination
  3. Improving forecast and modelling capabilities
  4. Climate change and central banking
  5. Micro policy interventions and their impact on inflation
  6. Macroprudential regulation and its impact
  7. Impact of financial sector competition and innovation


The South African Reserve Bank holds a biennial conference with the next conference scheduled to take place in 2021. The bank has a research fellowship programme to support its research agenda. The programme is open to experienced economists as well as recent PhD graduates.



Climate Change and its Effects on Macro/Monetary Policy

Training School
12/09/2022 to 14/09/2022
Online via Zoom

Professor John Hassler (IIES Stockholm University) and Professor Per Krusell (IIES Stockholm University) will teach a three day online class on "Climate Change and its Effects on Macro/Monetary Policy".


August 08, 2022