Banque Nationale de Belgique

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The National Bank studies a great variety of subjects: the determination and implementation of the Eurosystem's monetary policy, the economic activity both at home and abroad, the labour market, price developments, costs and incomes, public finances and financial markets..Those analyses are completed by studies by sector or by branch of activity. (click here to learn more).

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11th Dynare Conference

28/09/2015 to 29/09/2015

The 11th annual DYNARE Conference ( will be held in Brussels at the National Bank of Belgium, on September 28-29, 2015. The conference is organized by the National Bank of Belgium together with Banque de France, DSGE-net, and the Dynare project at CEPREMAP. The DYNARE conference will feature the work of leading scholars in dynamic macroeconomic modeling and provide an excellent opportunity to present your own research results. Gianni Amisano (Federal Reserve Board) and Harald Uhlig (University of Chicago) will be plenary speakers.