Luca Benati

Senior Economist, Bank of England

Education: Ph.D. in Economics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, April 2001
Publications: Benati, L. (2004), “Evolving Post-WWII U.K. Economic Performance”, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 36(4), 691-717
Work in progress:
• Benati, L. (2005), “U.K. Monetary Regimes and Macroeconomic Stylised Facts”
• Benati, L., and Mumtaz, H. (2005), “The ‘Great Stability’ in the U.K.: Good Policy or Good Luck?”
• Benati, L. (2005), “Investigating Inflation Persistence Across Monetary Regimes”
• Benati, L. (2005), “International Evidence on the Persistence of Inflation”
• Benati, L. (2005), “Drift and Breaks in Labor Productivity”

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