Martin Wagner

Chief Economic Advisor, Bank of Slovenia

Martin Wagner currently serves as Chief Economic Advisor at the Bank of Slovenia, Professor of Economics at the University of Klagenfurt and Fellow of the Macroeconomics and Economic Policy group at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna. From October 2017 until end of 2018 he was Chief Economist of the Bank of Slovenia, being on leave from Technical University Dortmund, where we has been Professor of Econometrics and Statistics in the Faculty of Statistics of the Technical University Dortmund. He studied in Vienna, at the Technical University and the Institute for Advanced Studies, obtaining Diplomas in Mathematics (1995) and Economics (1998), as well as his Doctorate (2000). He obtained his Habilitation in Economics in 2007 at the University of Bern. Martin Wagner has worked at the Technical University of Vienna, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna, the University of Bern the University of Graz. He was a visiting Professor at Princeton University and EUI in Florence.

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