Max Gillman

Professor, University of Missouri at St. Louis

Max Gillman is Hayek Professor at the University of Missouri at St. Louis; part-time Research Professor at Corvinus University of Budapest; Research Associate at CERGE-EI, Prague and CERS HAS, Budapest. Recently he was Senior Research at Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies, 2023, and Visiting Scholar at the Bank of Finland in 2022. Author of journal articles and books: The Spectre of Price Inflation, Columbia U. Press 2023; Principles of Macroeconomics: An Evolutionary Approach, 2017 Kendall Hunt;  Editor of Collected Papers in Monetary Theory by Robert E. Lucas, Jr., Harvard U. Press, 2013; author of Advanced Modern Macroeconomics: Analysis and Application, Pearson Education, 2011, and Inflation Theory in Economics: Welfare, Velocity, Growth and Business Cycles, 2009 Routledge.

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