Max Gillman

Professor, University of Missouri at St. Louis

Max Gillman is Hayek Professor at the University of Missouri at St. Louis. He was Visiting Scholar at New York University Department of Economics for September 2012 - August 2013, on sabbatical as Professor in the Economics Department of Cardiff University, a position held from 2005-2013. Has been Coordinator of the Cardiff Economics PhD Programme during this time. Was Professor at Central European University, where he was full time from 1998-2005, and now a Visiting Professor at CEU, and has been since 2003 Associate Researcher at the Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Science. Since 2013, he is a Senior Researcher at CERGE-EI, Prague.
Author of Advanced Modern Macroeconomics, Pearson Education, 2011; and Editor of Collected Papers in Monetary Theory by Robert E. Lucas, Jr., Harvard U. Press, 2013.

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