Steinar Holden

Professor, University of Oslo

• Born in Oslo, March 1961
• Ph.D in Economics, University of Oslo, 1990.
• Professor at Department of Economics, University of Oslo since 1993.
• Scientific Advisor to the Research Department, Norges Bank, since 2001
• Associate Editor of Scandinavian Journal of Economics, as of Spring 2005.
• Editor of Scandinavian Journal of Economics from January 2001 to Spring 2005.
• Head of Governmental Commission on shift work and part time work 2007- 2008.
•Head of the Norwegian Governmental Committee on the Challenges facing the traded sector, 2002-2003
• Head of the Norwegian Governmental Commission on Employment and Wealth Creation 1999-2000.

Recent publications:
• "Contract adjustment under uncertainty". With Helge Holden and Lars Holden. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 34, 2010,657-680.
• "How strong is the macroeconomic case for downward real wage rigidity?" With Fredrik Wulfsberg, Journal of Monetary Economics Vol. 56:4; May 2009, 605-615.
• "Downward nominal wage rigidity in the OECD" With Fredrik Wulfsberg. The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 8 (2008) : Iss. 1 (Advances)
• "How wages change: micro evidence from the International Wage Flexibility Project", Journal of Economic Perspectives 21 (2) 2007, 195–214. With William T. Dickens, Lorenz Götte, Erica L. Groshen, Julián Messina, Mark E. Schweitzer, Jarkko Turunen and Melanie Ward-Warmedinger.
• "Monetary regimes and the co-ordination of wage setting". European Economic Review 49, 2005, 833-843.

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